Safety and Security is a Priority Here at The Naz

We value the safety and security of every club member. We have implemented a secure check-in process to ensure that every child is able to enjoy their time here and every parent knows their child is safe. Each child and their parents are given a name tag with an identification code. This is how parents are able to access the children’s area.

Anti-Discrimination PolicySafety and Security is a Priority

The Naz is committed to both the spiritual and physical well-being of our members. It is important for our congregation to recognize and support a family's decision to breastfeed and offer a positive environment for mother and child.
Therefore, we welcome moms who decide to breastfeed to do so wherever they feel most comfortable. Should they desire a private place, we have set aside spaces for the moms to use. Our staff, ushers and greeters will assist any mother looking for a private place.
Our staff, ushers and greeters have been trained to never approach a mom, who is breastfeeding, suggesting they cover or move to a private location. We never want any mother to feel embarrassed or harassed about their choice to breastfeed.