Our Candidate's pastoral experience started when he was a Youth Pastor and the lead pastor resigned. Our candidate was appointed to Interim Lead pastor and the Sunday morning worship attendance remained strong at 240 people ... a good start as a young pastor.

His second pastorate reached its record attendance while our candidate was its lead pastor. That year he was nominated as Pastor of the Year by his District leaders.

On a couple of his church assignments, the churches were in financial trouble, and he led them out the trouble into a stable church with financial integrity. One of the churches doubled its income and took in 70 new members during his pastorate there. 

Finally, one of his pastorates started out by completing the construction of a new $2 million Community Life Center. By the end of his tenure, they had paid down $450,000 of the initial $750,000 in indebtedness. Despite these aggressive debt reduction efforts, they were still able to invest another $250,000 into building improvements without taking on additional debt.

I can tell that our candidate has had a good reputation among his peers, when I see how they have voted him in for District responsibilities: 

  • Trustee - of one of our Nazarene Universities 
  • Member - of one District Advisory Board, where he was pastoring
  • Member - District Credentials Board, helping new pastors gain their credentials
  • Member - District Finance Committee Member 

Our Candidate's personality and ministry style is one that seeks to build unified purpose with other ministry team leaders through strong spiritual and visionary leadership. He said that he has found that people desire and respond to a clearly defined and frequently articulated vision. Our candidate wrote: Though I am willing to try new techniques and methodology in ministry, I am absolutely committed to preaching an uncompromising Gospel Message. I preach passionate, biblical messages about real-life issues that impact people where they live. My strongest gifts in ministry are in the areas of preaching, visionary leadership, administration, and discernment.

Our Candidate was married on July 25, 1992. They met while attending Olivet Nazarene University. His wife holds a degree in Elementary Education and has substantial work completed on a Masters in Special Education. She has served as Children's Ministry Director, Teacher, NMI President, Women's Ministry Director, and Church Secretary. 

God has blessed us with three awesome kids. The oldest: United States Marine Corps (22), their middle child: Olivet Nazarene University Senior (21), and their youngest: Olivet Nazarene University Freshman.