Sharing the hope and love of Jesus.

The Caring Ministry Team here at The Naz is committed to sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ while helping people meet their basic needs by offering resources and different avenues to empower people toward a more stable future.

We value and believe in:

  • Community: We want to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and treat them with dignity and respect, regardless of their ethnic, economic, legal, or religious status.
  • Hope: We believe true hope is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Transformation: We believe transformation occurs in the hearts of those being helped and in those serving, as God redeems hurting people and broken situations.

Sometimes life is just hard. Difficulties happen, people lose their jobs, an accident occurs, an illness arises, financial stress comes, or a collision of multiple fronts. Some are predictable and others have no warning at all, but when the storms hit, The Naz wants to come alongside you and help where we can. We have put together a Care Center that helps provide relief in times of crisis and also guides people toward a long-term solution. We have resources that can help people with:

  1. Education
  2. Family Support 
  3. Food Assistance 
  4. Housing/Utilities 
  5. Medical/Dental 
  6. Transportation 

We want to help each person continue to grow in their walk with God and empower them toward a more stable future. Stop by our Care Center anytime to take advantage of the resources and avenues that are available in Livingston County.